The Structure of Meaning (Introduction to Semiotics Part 4)

May 29 2012 Published by neilgains under semiotics

Signs of structure

Signs and meanings may be arbitrary in the sense that there is no direct connection between the signifier (the sign) and the signified (the underlying meaning), but they are rarely arbitrary in the way that they relate to other signs and meanings as Claude Levi-Strauss argued. Just thinking of energy drinks (see last article), there are clear and important (structural) connections between the colours, shapes, materials and words used in the category and the meanings they signify (energy, potency, stamina, power, etc). They do not just stand in isolation. Read more »

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Signs that Matter (Introduction to Semiotics Part 2)

May 14 2012 Published by neilgains under semiotics

“Consumers shop for meaning, not stuff”

Identity matters

The world is full of signs, and our brains constantly use mental shortcuts to simplify and manage the world in all its complexity. Many of these shortcuts are triggered by the signs we see around us in the world as we use our knowledge and experience  to create mental impressions of new experiences. For brands, these interpretations are heavily influenced  by how we perceive category and product identities (characteristics) and once established such identities are hard to disrupt. Read more »

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