The Right Tool for the Right Job

May 28 2013 Published by under design

One of the most famous quotes in marketing, and one that a friend of mine is very fond of repeating, is Ted (Theodore) Levitt’s comment that “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill – they want a quarter-inch hole.” Despite this good advice, marketers, researchers, designers and innovators continue to focus on the drill to understand customer behaviour and develop new product ideas. Clayton Christensen writes that, “Every marketer we know agrees with Levitt’s insight. Yet these same people segment their markets by type of drill and by price point; they measure market share of drills, not holes; and they benchmark the features and functions of their drill, not their hole, against those of rivals. They then set to work offering more features and functions in the belief that these will translate into better pricing and market share. When marketers do this, they often solve the wrong problems, improving their products in ways that are irrelevant to customer needs.”

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The Rising Face of Asian Brands

Apr 12 2013 Published by under Asia trends

With a growth in importance of Asian markets, the trend watchers have been setting up in Asia, and it’s good to see a greater emphasis on innovation in this part of the world.’s recent report on the trend for ‘Localizasian’ is one example of this (they now have an office in Singapore). Read more »

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