The Soundtrack of our Lives: How pop songs reflect and shape culture

Aug 31 2016 Published by neilgains under culture

Music and song have an amazing power over us and is one of the most powerful tools in brand building (read more here, here and here). Music and song are also barometers of cultural change, and this is what Stuart Maconie explores in his book The People’s Songs, a very readable cultural history of modern Britain. He traces cultural change through 50 of the country’s most popular songs, starting with We’ll Meet Again from 1939 and finishing with Bonkers from 2009 (a span of 60 years). Read more »

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Orangemen and Green Hats: How to Send the Right Colour Signals

Jul 23 2012 Published by neilgains under semiotics

Here are three questions about colour that I will answer before you finish reading this:

  • Have carrots always been orange?
  • Is darker chocolate always more bitter?
  • What colour of hat should you never offer a Chinese man?

We all know that colours have powerful meanings, and semiotics is the study of all signs and their meanings. Signs include shapes, smells, facial expressions, body movements, sounds and colours. Read more »

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