Comedy (Plot #5)

Oct 03 2011 Published by neilgains under storytelling

“People ask me, ‘Steve, how do you get so funny?‚Äô I say to them, ‘Before I go onstage I put a fish in each shoe. That way I feel funny.‚Äô” ¬†- Steve Martin

The funny thing about comedy

Aristotle believed that comedy arose like tragedy from improvisations around specific festivals. Tragedy arose as a prelude to the dithyramb (an ancient Greek hymn in honour of Dionysus), while comedy was originally a prelude to phallic songs and processions which were part of ancient Greek fertility rites. ¬†Aristotle would be considered a snob today, and he viewed comedy as a lower form of poetry, dealing with people of lower virtue, who were unimportant, undignified and, to coin a word, ‘laughable‚Äô. By contrast, tragedy dealt with stories about serious, important and virtuous people. Unfortunately the second book of his Poetics which was specifically about tragedy has not survived (some medieval texts are believed to be translations of the original). Read more »

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