A Revolution in Shopper Marketing?

Nov 16 2014 Published by neilgains under shopper behaviour

The Shopper Marketing Revolution by Toby Desforges and Mike Anthony joins a very short list of books on the topic of shopper marketing. Notably, the book is full of up-to-date examples and reflects the very latest developments in the field, arguing that manufacturers have three customers - consumers, shoppers and retailers. The authors focus on the importance of metrics of behaviour change at point-of-sale and point out some of the failings of market research in understanding shopper behaviour, with many Asian examples. Read more »

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Review of Decoded by Phil Barden

Jun 25 2014 Published by neilgains under behavioural economics

Decoded is one of the very first books to fully embrace Daniel Kahneman’s view of human decision-making and apply this to marketing and market research. It is full of examples of the practical implications of behavioral economics on shopper behavior, backed by references to many of the key scientific papers that can help explain what marketers need to know about the science of decision making.  It is backed by 25 years of experience both as decision scientist working with clients and a marketing professional applying the principles at Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile.

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