Marketing and Music

Apr 06 2014 Published by neilgains under sensory branding

Music is one of the most powerful tools in the armoury of marketers. When executed well, music can have a profound effect on a brand’s success (think of Coca-Cola, Hamlet cigars, Cornetto ice cream or British Airways’ glory days). In Brand Hits, the authors cite figures that show that the average brand spends between 10 and 20 million dollars every year on music rights and licenses (without even thinking about the media costs which probably multiply this number by a factor of five to ten). They ask how many brands have actually become famous through their use of music, creating long-term value as well as short-term impact? Read more »

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3 Reasons Why the Lego Movie is Awesome Branding

Feb 17 2014 Published by neilgains under branding

I went to see The Lego Movie on Friday, and in the words of the song that opens and closes the film, “Everything is awesome”. I loved every minute of the movie, but as well as being a great movie this is arguably one of the greatest pieces of branding you will see this year. Here are three reasons why. Read more »

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The behavioural economics of branding

Apr 24 2013 Published by neilgains under behavioural economics

I’ve been intrigued reading about the J.C. Penney debacle. While I think there is a lesson to be learnt about the communication of promotions, I don’t believe the lesson is that simplicity does not work. In fact, J.C. Penney’s strategy of simplifying shopper decision making failed in two fundamental ways. Firstly, the communication of the new strategy was ineffective, making the store proposition more complicated rather than less. Secondly, in many other ways, J.C. Penney made shoppers’ lives more complicated by losing the focus of their brand identity and sending mixed messages to customers about what they stand for. Read more »

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