The Arrival of Emojis

Jan 18 2017 Published by neilgains under emotion

In Arrival, Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams) asks to meet and interact face-to-face with the aliens who have landed on Planet Earth and has to use visual communication to more quickly and effectively learn their language. Similarly, studies of human communication have shown that non-verbal signals account for a significant proportion of that communication making it more effective and memorable. Read more »

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How many emotions can you think of?

Sep 25 2016 Published by neilgains under emotion

In some ways The Book of Human Emotions is a remarkable book, managing to cover 154 different emotions into a very readable and entertaining 270 pages. Through short, witty and illuminating essays on each emotion, the author reveals some of the many stories behind each emotion, and although light on science this is a book that is rich in insights into the human condition. Read more »

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The Difference That Meaning Makes

Jan 22 2014 Published by neilgains under branding

The Meaningful Brand was published late last year and is an addition to the growing literature on the importance of building brand salience through the meaning that brands have to customers. I should declare that my own book Brand esSense is also part of this literature. In the book Nigel Hollis focuses on Millward Brown’s framework for measuring brand value, providing some useful tips and good examples along the way. The most important lesson of the book is that long-term brand building is as important, if not more important, than ever, despite the urges of some to ditch long-term branding to the needs of short-term tactical marketing in the digital age. Read more »

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