Brain Rules for Researchers

Jan 18 2011 Published by neilgains under brain science

“All right, brain.  I don’t like you ad you don’t like me - so let’s just do this and I’ll get back to killing you with beer.”  - Homer Simpson Read more »

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Energizing Research

Sep 13 2010 Published by neilgains under insight activation

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”  - Thomas Edison Read more »

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Zen and the Art of Presentations

Aug 17 2010 Published by admin under storytelling

“Our lives are frittered away by detail; simplify, simplify.”  - Henry David Thoreau

“Power corrupts.  PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.”  - Edward Tufte

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Numbers are Slippy, Stories are Sticky

Aug 05 2010 Published by admin under storytelling

“The story - from Rumplestiltskin to War and Peace - is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind for the purpose of understanding.  There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.”  - Ursula K. Le Guin

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Driving change

Jul 08 2010 Published by admin under behavioural change

While the lessons of the two Dan’s (Pink and Ariely) are important for all our interpersonal relationships, they are arguably most important when we seek to change behaviour in an organisation.  Change management often involves training programs and workshops which are used to influence and change behaviours (I have run many of these myself).  The following lessons from behavioural economics are critical to success:

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