Insight tripping

Jul 13 2010

If you have tried almost everything in your report and the client is still asking for more insight what do you do?

Take a trip. No need to leave your desk. You will be traveling to new states of consciousness. And yes its all perfectly legal. We will be going to the Hypnogogic. A space and time in the mind just as you fall asleep.

As most of us drift off to sleep we enter a mildly Hallucinogenic state. We tend to pass through a series of states. First we often experience a sort of poor man’s psychedelic trip, blobs of colour, patterns and shapes. Next these become coupled to various sensations, sounds and other sensations from the real World become amplified. Thirdly the symbolic nature of the brain reveals itself and images start substituting freely for thoughts, as you start to slip fully into your dreams.

It is at this point of free association that rational thinking is slipping off the rails. Which means it is a good time to mine creativity. Notable artists, scientists and writers have done just this; Twain, Dali, Dickens, Wagner, Coleridge. In fact the German chemist Fredrich Kekule, uncovered the molecular structure of benzene this way, when the symbolic snake of atoms bit its own tail he realised benzene was in a ring form, a paradigm shift for organic chemistry. So don’t underestimate the Hypnogogic, it has given birth to some of mankind’s most celebrated discoveries.

Question is how to get there. Well you could try Thomas Edison’s technique. He sat in a chair, on each side of the chair were two tin plates on the floor. In each hand he held a ballbearing. When he dropped off into sleep the bearings dropped, and hey presto the sound hitting the tin plates woke him up. At which point he duly noted his thoughts.

The modern home or office maybe lacking steel ball bearings or tin plates, so here’s another way:

1) Write down problem, visualise it

2) Place pad and paper by chair or bed

3) Clear mind

4) Set alarm for twenty minutes time

5) As you drift off or as you awake from alarm write down any thoughts or images.

6) Inspect notes for clues, metaphorical or otherwise

How many of us have had the experience of lying on the bed before sleep and thinking “I really misjudged that person” or “I see now that I didn’t really understand what that experience was about”? The hypnagogic state facilitates reassessment, by opening nonlinear associations, making us momentarily more open minded.

Free your mind. For more interesting trips to new states of consciousness; “Head Trip, by Jeff Warren”

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