Energizing Research

Sep 13 2010

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”  - Thomas Edison

Research only has value when used to transform businesses, and insight activation workshops are increasingly used to help create greater value from market and customer intelligence.  When properly planned and managed, such workshops play an important role in managing change, ensuring participation and ownership of process and outcomes by key business stakeholders.

Successful learning and activation processes are based on five key principles:

1)    Start with the end in mind and plan the workshop around the ultimate business goal

2)    Plan carefully to ensure that learning and activities support the process and enrich the participants

3)    Share knowledge selectively during the workshop and focus on ‘insights’ and key ideas

4)    Prepare thoroughly, including exercises, breaks and energizers, but be flexible and sensitive to the dynamics of the group and individuals

5)    Have fun!

You can read a much more detailed paper covering insight definitions, workshop structures, facilitation skills and workshop tools and techniques at this link (check out “Brainy stuff”).

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