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Marketing and Music

Apr 06 2014 Published by neilgains under sensory branding

Music is one of the most powerful tools in the armoury of marketers. When executed well, music can have a profound effect on a brand’s success (think of Coca-Cola, Hamlet cigars, Cornetto ice cream or British Airways’ glory days). In Brand Hits, the authors cite figures that show that the average brand spends between 10 and 20 million dollars every year on music rights and licenses (without even thinking about the media costs which probably multiply this number by a factor of five to ten). They ask how many brands have actually become famous through their use of music, creating long-term value as well as short-term impact? Read more »

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The Colour of Business

Mar 10 2014 Published by neilgains under sensory branding

When you see a pink ribbon what do you immediately think of? If you’re like me, you will make a connection to the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, which has made a pink ribbon its own unforgettable icon.

Our visual perception dominates the senses, and colour is the most powerful of our visual sensation, which is why I place it at the top of the sensory hierarchy in the esSense® sensory branding framework presented in Brand esSense.  That’s because colour primes humans like nothing else, not only because of its powerful symbolic value, learned through nature and culture, but also because it can have a direct physical effect on our bodies. Read more »

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30 Ways to Connect with your Customers

Feb 12 2014 Published by neilgains under sensory branding

How does your brand show its true identity? Many brands focus on their visual appearance and most especially their logo, against an already cluttered and over-crowded visual environment. There are huge opportunities in exploring how brands can connect with their customers across other less densely occupied touch points. Read more »

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Building Emotional Brand Experiences

Sep 15 2013 Published by neilgains under sensory branding

Recent work by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA; Binet & Field, 2012) has reinforced the difficult truth that emotions are key to long-term brand success, outperforming the efficiency and profitability (ROI) of advertising which is rational, and even that which is a combination of rational and emotional (by 2 to 1). Their analysis does support that rational messaging can have strong short-term effects (eg promotional campaigns), but long-term effectiveness is very weak compared with campaigns that create an emotional connection (implicit or explicit) with target customers. Read more »

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