The esSense of a new insurance brand? (The Importance of Brand esSense #6)

Feb 14 2017

Walking through Singapore yesterday, I noticed for the first time the eTiQa insurance brand, owned by Maybank. Perhaps I should have noticed the brand before, but I was struck by the colours and naming of the brand which struck an immediate resonance for the category.

My immediate reaction is that it is a great example of branding. The name is short, although contains three syllables, sounding similar to words such as “ethics” and “etiquette”. Hidden between the small case (and open sounding) vowels are the capital letters TQ (thank you?) and the iQ also stands out.

The black and yellow colour scheme creates a strong link to the Maybank brand (there was a branch next door to the insurance office), but enough difference to stand as a separate brand. The yellow colour is associated with warmth and happiness in many cultures, contrasting with the seriousness of black. Additionally the yellow creates a smiling face (read more about why many brands are using emoji language here), along with the name, with the capitalised T and Q also representing the eyes.

I have no experience of the brand beyond the name, logo and advertising, but my first impression is that the symbolism is very clear and focused and could be a very successful combination of the seriousness of the category with the more expressive goals of customers. If the underlying brand story matches the symbolism, and the sensory experience of interacting with the brand follows suit, then Maybank have designed a brand with a very strong and clear brand esSense!

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