Will 2017 be a Greener Year?

Dec 12 2016

Pantone have just announced their colour of the year, and it’s a “refreshing and vitalising” shade called Greenery (otherwise known as Pantone 15-0343), which they describe as “symbolic of new beginnings”. The colour is strongly associated with spring and is a shade of green that incorporates yellow to give a “fresh and zesty” feel that suits spring as a time to “revive, restore and renew”.

2017 may be the year of many thing’s green as other recent trend reports highlight the greening of many categories, including beauty, as a global trend as well as an important aspect of life in many Asian countries. As the world becomes more urbanised and more driven by technology, perhaps Greenery helps bring us all back to nature and some purer and older version of ourselves.

Green has a rich set of associations and meanings across different cultures (read more here), and is a strongly life affirming colour bringing in the new and fresh and linked to nature everywhere. Green is also commonly associated with hope (something that 2016 has lacked for many), and a good antidote to a stressful and tense world (green colours are known to have a calming effect for many people).

Such a colour gives us all an opportunity to start again anew on 1st January. The Japanese have a concept called “forest bathing”. They believe that when you are feeling stressed one of the best ways to cope is to go for a walk in the forest (makes a lot of sense to me). If 2016 has been a stressful year for you, I hope you feel revitalised and refreshed in 2017. Maybe the holidays is an opportunity to go and bathe in the forest and see things differently?

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