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“An insight is a statement based on a deep understanding of your target consumers’ attitudes and beliefs, which connect at an emotional level with your consumer, provoking a clear response which, when leveraged, has the power to change consumer behaviour.”   – Conroy

Insight on using research and data to identify the threads of gold which can be weaved into your business to create value.  For more insight, go to or contact Neil Gains (

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  1. ramesh ramakrishnan iyer

    what is the full story of D.

    i like the work on ABC….even though your insights are very layered and not “one pointed”..

    have you tried using brain mapping and psychometry to understand consumer behaviour???

  2. Ramesh

    D is the piece of the picture based on our experiences (via the senses) which provide the Data with which we construct our memories in mental maps linked by metaphors. The mind is complex so there is no single “point” and despite what many research companies would like to think, understanding behaviour, in all it’s complexity, requires multiple perspectives. Although I have not personally used brain mapping, it’s clear that it also does not provide a silver bullet for understanding behaviour, and indeed is still quite limited in what it can reveal. For example, the amount and location of brain activity is not a clear indicator of the salience or content of such activity, although it provides another clue which needs additional perspective to be properly interpreted.

    Thanks for reading, and I would be happy to discuss in more detail.


  3. how do i get permission to reprint this article:

  4. Albert

    Can I ask why and where you want to reprint and in what context/format/publication? You can write to me at



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